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Advances In
Respiratory Equity (AIRE) 

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Our research is focused on designing, implementing, and evaluating theory-informed interventions to improve the delivery of health services and reduce respiratory health disparities 

Primary Projects

Promoting Equity via Changes in Practice for Respiratory Failure (PRECIPICE)

PRECIPICE is an NIH-funded study (R01HL157361-01A1) aiming to improve outcomes for Hispanic patients with respiratory failure by reducing inequitable delivery of ICU care. 

Hispanic ICU Experience Study


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The HICUE Study seeks to understand the experiences and care preferences of family members of Hispanic patients in the ICU.

The goal is to generate provider-side interventions to improve experiences and health outcomes for Hispanic ICU patients and their families.

NIH All of Us Research

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The All of Us Research Program is part of an effort to advance individualized health care by enrolling one million or more participants to contribute their health data over many years. Our team is interested in exploring racial/ethnic disparities in everyday activities & quality of life among survivors of respiratory failure.

Predicting and Preventing Tuberculosis Treatment Failure in an Emerging Co-Epidemic of HIV, Diabetes, and Tuberculosis (TB-DM)

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This goal of this study is to characterize the interfaces among HIV, TB, and diabetes for patient outcomes in Uganda, and to improve implementation of glucose screening, monitoring, and counseling in TB units in order to improve treatment outcomes.

 Destigmatizing Contact Investigation to Increase Uptake of Home HIV Counseling and Testing (DECISION)


 Dr. Armstrong-Hough has designed an intervention to increase uptake of HIV testing when it is offered with TB services. Findings from our recent pilot randomized, controlled trial (NCT05124665) indicate that a brief re-norming intervention significantly increased uptake of HIV testing in Uganda. The goal of DECISION is evaluate this multi-component intervention in a factorial trial, carry out qualitative research to better understand its psychosocial mechanisms, and initiate implementation research with partners to develop scale-up strategies.

Supporting Projects

Rapid Understanding of Best Practices in Rural Intensive Care (RUBRIC)
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Interrupting HIV and TB stigma in the household during TB contact investigation in Uganda (HIV-TB Stigma)
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Adaptation and testing of a novel text-based tobacco cessation and education intervention in Kenyan Emergency Department patients 
Human-centered Design and Communities of Practice to Improve Delivery of Home-based Tuberculosis Contact Investigation in Uganda (HCD-CoP)
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Implementing Tobacco Use Treatment in HIV Clinics in Viet Nam (VQuit)
Theory Informed Education and Counseling Intervention for HIV-TB Treatment Adherence (TEACH) 
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