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Recent Publications

Clinical Practices Following Train-The-Trainer Trauma Course Completion in Uganda: A Parallel-Convergent Mixed-Methods Study

Tang Z, Kayondo Z, Ullrich S, Namugga M, Muwanguzi P, Klazura G, Ozgediz D, Armstrong-Hough M. (2023)

Associations among past trauma, post-displacement stressors, and mental health outcomes in Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh:

A secondary cross sectional analysis

Ritsema, H. & Armstrong-Hough, M. (2023)

Assessing a norming intervention to promote acceptance of HIV testing and reduce stigma during household tuberculosis contact investigation: protocol for a cluster-randomised trial. 

Armstrong-Hough, M., Ggita, J., Gupta, A. J., Shelby, T., Nangendo, J., Ayen, D. O., Davis, J. L., & Katamba, A. (2022)

Saliva-based methods for SARS-CoV-2 testing in low- and middle-income countries

Tan SH, Allicock OM, Katamba A, Carrington CVF, Wyllie AL, Armstrong-Hough M (2022)

Adapting a tobacco cessation treatment intervention and implementation strategies to enhance implementation effectiveness and clinical outcomes in the context of HIV care in Vietnam: a case study

Saliva as a gold-standard sample for SARS-CoV-2 detection

Tan SH, Allicock O, Armstrong-Hough M, Wyllie AL (2021)

Risk, Race, and Structural Racism

Valley, T. V., M.D., Armstrong-Hough, M., & Adegunsoye, A. (2021)

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